The research group does basic and applied research, the latter one in applied electromagnetism
finite element method, electrical machines design, power electronic converters, renewable
energy sources, electrical protections, quality of energy, electromagnetic transients and
power electrical systems.

Mexican Wind Energy Innovation Center (CEMIE-Eólico)

It is a consortium integrated by the Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas, Instituto Tecnológico de la Laguna, CIDESI, CIATEQ, INAOE, ITESM, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Universidad del Itsmo, linked to national and international enterprises. Our group is responsible of the research in electric generators design and their electronic converters.
The Center is supported by the Sustainable Energy Fund created by the Secretariat of Energy (SENER) and the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT),under the mandate of the Law for Science and Technology.

Research Areas

Electric Machines
It is focused to the design, analysis, control and construction of motors and electric generators together with power and distribution transformers. Electromagnetic theory and finite element method in 2D and 3D are used. Mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence are used for equipment design. There exist a design, analysis and tests laboratory, wich has numerical tools and contemporary equipment. Read More

Renewable Energies
Renewable energy sub-area investigates electricity generation from wind and sun energy (photovoltaic). Electric generators that constitute wind systems are designed. Electronic converters used by photovoltaic and wind systems are also designed. Another of the topics on which the group has been working is the use of renewable energies in electric vehicles. Read More

Electric Networks
Se estudian las diversas fuentes de contaminación de armónicos en las redes eléctricas, y la forma de controlar y minimizar su efecto en equipos eléctricos. También se diseñan y analizan los sistemas de tierras y los transitorios electromagnéticos en los componentes de una red eléctrica. Los sistemas de protección de líneas y equipo, su diseño, análisis y coordinación también se abordan. Read More

Power Electric Systems
The objective is to analyze the operation of power electrical systems in steady and dynamic states, voltage, frequency and stability control in the presence of disturbances in the power system.
It has also being studied the influence of distributed generation over power electrical system stability. Read More